Sunday Gold

Rachel Anne Ridge

Hey friend! It’s Rachel here.

I want to introduce you to my weekly email, “Sunday GOLD.”

You might remember my original blog, Home Sanctuary, where we may have first bumped into each other online. Back in the day, I posted daily prompts called “Small Things” for making your home feel like a sanctuary. I wrote about kids growing up and about new seasons of motherhood. I loved that time of my life and the community of “Company Girls!” In the years since, I have written six books, (including my bestseller Flash), illustrated two books, and launched a whole new career as an author, speaker, and certified life coach. I have grandkids now!! So much has changed…probably for ALL of us!

I would love to connect with you. 

My purpose with these weekly emails is to share not only things I’m involved in (like events and new books), but most importantly what I’ve learned about growth and finding your groove—no matter what season of life you’re in. 

It’s easy to think that “personal success” (or whatever you want to call it) is for the super-achievers in life, but I beg to differ.

Here’s the thing: I’m an introverted, late-blooming, easily distracted, uni-tasker who still sometimes struggles with overwhelm and lack of focus. “SQUIRREL!”—that’s me. However, through trial and error, stumbling and trying again and again, I found my purpose and path toward creating the kind of life I want, surrounded by good people, doing meaningful work I love. 

It’s an amazing feeling.

I want you to know: If I can do it, I know you can too. I want you to feel this amazing feeling too!

But how do you get there? That’s where my emails come in.

In my work with clients (and in my own life) I’ve found that there are four elements that are absolutely necessary for each and every transformation. Whether you are looking for a creative breakthrough, needing personal direction, making a career choice, working through a difficult decision, or just trying to cultivate some joy, the answer you’re looking for is like hidden gold…gold that is worth doing whatever it takes to find it.

I call these four elements Transformational “GOLD.” They are powerful keys to finally getting unstuck and finding the path to doing the work (and living the life) you were created for. Each email follows the simple G.O.L.D. acronym so you’ll always know what to expect from me: free, actionable prompts for deep and meaningful impact.

I believe in this with all my heart…but you’ll have to sign up to find out what GOLD stands for!

If you’re feeling stuck, unfocused, or just a little bit discouraged by where you’re at, this newly revamped newsletter is for you. Frankly, if you’re doing GREAT, NEVER BETTER, it’s for you too! We can all use a regular dose of encouragement, coaching, and inspiration.

This email gold arrives — dusted with hope and sealed with love — in your inbox each Sunday night .

I would love to help you find YOUR gold!

Here is a short PDF to get you started on your journey.