Your Mountain is Calling

A Devotional Book for Nature Lovers

Filled with spiritual insights and stunning landscape photography, this devotional is for those who connect deeply with God through the beauty and splendor of the outdoors.  

Listen carefully. Can you hear it?
Evidence of God’s design is everywhere, from a pristine sanctuary of snowy pines to the lilting refrain of a lazy river. From a majestic star scape in a summer’s evening sky to the ancient echo of a painted desert canyon. Throughout nature, revelation is naturally and exquisitely unfolding.

Whatever and wherever your mountain might be, these short devotions will help attune you to that still small voice beckoning you from beyond the wooded path, the windswept clearing, or the creek-side meadow. As you celebrate each season with thoughtful prose, Scripture verses, and captivating imagery, you’ll gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the One who has made this world His masterpiece.

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