"I’ve discovered that everyone longs
to be surrounded by beauty,
no matter what their circumstances."

the book

Rachel Anne Ridge was at the end of her rope. The economy had crashed, taking her formerly thriving business along with it. She had been a successful artist, doing work she loved, but now she felt like a failure. How would her family pay their bills? What would the future hold? If only God would somehow let them know that everything was going to be all right…

And then, Flash the donkey showed up.

If there were ever a good time to discover a wounded, frightened, bedraggled donkey standing in your driveway, this wouldn’t have been it. The local sheriff dismissed him as “worthless.” But Rachel didn’t believe that, and she couldn’t turn him away. She brought him into her struggling family during their darkest hour–and he turned out to be the very thing they needed most.

Flash is the wonderful true story of their adventures together in learning to love and trust, breaking down the fences that stood in their way, and finding the strength and confidence to carry on.