Meet Ruby


Ever meet someone and just know you will be instant friends?

Well, that’s Ruby.

Ruby the chicken


Everyone should have a chicken for a friend, right? A mother-hen type who knows what to do in any situation–someone who’s always in charge!

Feeling faint?

Ruby will direct you to a chair so you can sit down.

Have an injury?

She will produce a bandage and ice, almost out of thin air.


Ruby happens to have a pot of soup on the stove.


There, there. Ruby knows just how to cheer you up.

Has someone done you wrong?

Well, that ruffles her feathers just thinking about it.

Ruby the chicken

Ruby fusses. She clucks. She talks to herself as she bustles about.

And always stylish, she is never without her earrings and necklace.

You can be assured that Ruby is a fine feathered friend, who will forever believe in you, worry over you, and make sure you’ve eaten a good breakfast. She’s always got your back.

Everyone loves Ruby!