Watch out world, here’s Jed!


Jed the goat

What can I say about Jed??

Jed….well you could say he wears his heart on his sleeve.

You never have to guess what he is feeling because it’s written all over his face.

And then there’s his body language:

When Jed is excited, he leaps on top of tables.

When he is mad, he harrumphs up a pile of hay bales.

When he’s annoyed, he crosses his arms and looks away.

Jed the goat


When he’s happy, he grabs a ukelele and belts out a tune.

Jed is the goat who shoots from the hip, speaks his mind, jumps to conclusions, and commands the room.


He can reeeally drives you crazy sometimes.

Jed the goat


But you can’t live without him because, after all, he’s the one that brings the party with him wherever he goes.

Jed the goat