Introducing Storybook Flash!


Flash the Donkey Makes New Friends

Just like his real-life persona, Flash is curious about life and interested in everything! He has a penchant for collecting odds and ends that catch his eye and that might come in handy someday.


However, sometimes his good ideas don’t work out the way he plans.

Flash the donkey

But also like in real life, sometimes plans that go awry are the exactly what bring about the best things.

That’s how he meets his new friends, Jed, Carson and Ruby.

Flash is charming and cute, with a slightly wistful air about him. After all, he had been looking for a place to belong, and just hadn’t found a place to fit in. When Jed, Carson and Ruby enter the picture, he can only imagine how nice it must feel to have his own bed, and be part of a mismatched “family” of sorts!

Flash the donkey in pajamas