Flash Makes New Friends

Flash’s adventures continue in a new children’s book! Along with his newfound friends, Carson the pig, Jed the goat, and Ruby the chicken, Flash manages to turn problems into opportunities to learn valuable lessons about kindness and friendship.

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Will these three characters have room for one more?

Meet Ruby

Meet Jed

Meet Carson


Flash is full of ideas, but sometimes they get him into trouble.

Meet Storybook Flash



Will Flash be able to help his new friends before it’s too late?


Inspired by the real-life donkey, this new adventure is written especially for children. Join Flash, an endearing homeless donkey, as he finds his ideas put to the test, and learns that friendship is only a kind deed away.

Flash the Donkey dance

Parents and kids will by delighted by the story, and will value the opportunity to talk about solving problems, being kind, and belonging.

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Flash the Donkey children's book

Flash (the Real Life Donkey) sees his storybook for the first time.


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